Often, we hear the terms, “Back in my day …” and  “Things were different back then …”. However, we seldom get the chance to hear what things were like. Lima Puluh Tujuh is an opportunity for these stories to be told and for Malaysians to reconnect and reconsider their current lives in the context of our country’s history.

This project marks 57 years since 1957.

Our country has come a long way since then, but we are still a relatively young country. There is so much potential for Malaysia and we have the skills, talent and heart to help us achieve that.

LimaPuluhTujuh is an opportunity for us to look back to see how far we’ve come, what lessons we have or haven’t learned since and how our present is shaped by our past.

We invite you to #samasama share your stories with us of life in this country since independence in 1957. You can start by responding in the comments section to the questions we pose at the end of the stories we have posted up so far. You can also email them in to stories@limapuluhtujuh.com or tag #My57 (make sure your posts are set to public) on your social networks.

There will be more aspects to this project than just story collecting. This includes an on-ground activation at Pavilion KL running from Hari Merdeka until Malaysia Day. You can read all about the launch here. Also, if you’re at Cheras, Kg Bahru, Sentul and Bangsar over the 17-day period, look out for us as we’ll be making stops!

LimaPuluhTujuh was conceptualised by Niki Cheong, who has spent the past year working on social projects aimed at bringing Malaysians together, bersama-sama. He was also the person behind 50×50 My Malaysia last year, where he travelled to 13 states in 15 days with his friends to collect 50 stories to commemorate 50 years since Malaysia was formed. Lima Puluh Tujuh continues that vision. 

Collaborating with Niki on this project are artist Nini Marini, media expert John Lim and writer Vivian Chong, with the support of Kakiseni.