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We didn’t have much, yet we were rich

I was born in the mid 1960s, a time when Malaysia was newly formed and thriving as an infant in nationhood. Life was much simpler and the pace was slower then. We didn’t have much materially, yet we were rich because we cared and shared with one another! In school, my friends and I spent a lot of time interacting with one another face-to-face. We would look forward to seeing each other every day to chit chat and shared games like galah panjang and our very own version of high jump which used rubber band ropes hand-banded together with...
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Common Traits

The Chindian connection

This is a portrait of my Indian (Tamil) family who lived in Selangor at the time. This picture was taken outside my grand mother and grandfathers home on Brickfields Road in KL. All the men were employed by the railways. The Chindian connection in this photograph relates to the two adult males (seated) on either side of the photo. These were the brothers of my grandmother (with baby on lap). They married two Chinese sisters, one of which is in the photo. The only real ‘Chindian’ in the photo at this point was the little baby on my grandmothers lap....
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Where have all the uncles gone?

It’s 10am and I’m packing my school bag, ‘pon pon pon’ sounds in the distance. I grab the house keys and run to the door shouting ‘Uncle, Chee Cheong Fun!’. Ah! My lunch has arrived at our doorstep. I grab a plate and carry it out for my fill of Chee Cheong Fun and fish ball. I watch expectantly as Uncle chops up the Chee Cheong Fun and gives my fish balls a quick dip in his pot of boiling water. Then he adds a scoop of sauce or curry and a dash of oil and toasted sesame seeds....
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