Do you remember the time before mobile phones? We had home and office phones, which from my earliest recollection was a rotary dial before the push button dial came along and even then we thought ‘Wow! That’s revolutionary.’

However, what was more ‘Wow’ was that I could remember up to a hundred plus random 6 digit telephone numbers of family and friends. The contact list resided in our brain, and just like speed dial I could call up any of the phone number within seconds. How amazing is that!

Since I bought my first mobile phone in 1998, my brain seems to have forgotten how to store phone numbers and now all I remember is 10 numbers at most.

I’m sure many of you remember this time in history, back in the days when our brains were mean speed machines. – By Teh Hui Yee

Image above from flickr under the Creative Commons License from John Starnes.