Back in the 90s, when I was a little boy, there was a postman who will [trustingly] deliver letters in my neighbourhood everyday. And most of the time, we will exchange smiles and talk a little after he has completed his rounds and through that, we bonded.

Sometimes, he allows me to ride on his motorbike and follow him on his rounds – delivering letters all over the neighbourhood. Kids being kids, I looked forward to this routine every morning, and eagerly hopped onto his bike to be his sidekick.

We will go to from one gate to another where I get to put the letters in the postboxes myself. After that, he will ensure I will be get home safely. My mum was never worried to allow me to follow him.

It was through that trust that we had in the spirit of those days, that we were not suspicious of each other which made us like a big family although we are of different ethnicities.

I still hold to the belief that Malaysia is still one of the best countries live in, because we find family in each other and it feels like home just being here. – By Wei Yung