I remember back when I was growing up, I look forward to the evenings because that would be when the roti uncle or the ice-cream uncle will pass by. The bells and the rings will always be part of my life.

Those days, I would happily run out as a child and buy bread or ice-cream from the uncles (usually uncles-lah). He would give me that wide smile and I would give a big smile in return (got food, sure smile lah).

He even used to play “One To Juice (or is it Want To Juice)” after I give him the money. And sometimes, he gives it to me for free, when I win the game. Other times, he would also offer to add 1/2 scoop of ice-cream on my cone.

He showed me that we are all the same, he may be of different skin colour and of course older, but it doesn’t stop us from being happy and bringing joy to the people around us. During the rainy days, I sit outside of my home, hoping that the uncles will come.

I remember those times, I’d run back to my grandma and asks if the uncles are coming. I may not know them personally, but it’s the little actions and gestures that make my growing up fun. – By Alvin Kok