I was born in the mid 1960s, a time when Malaysia was newly formed and thriving as an infant in nationhood. Life was much simpler and the pace was slower then. We didn’t have much materially, yet we were rich because we cared and shared with one another!

In school, my friends and I spent a lot of time interacting with one another face-to-face. We would look forward to seeing each other every day to chit chat and shared games like galah panjang and our very own version of high jump which used rubber band ropes hand-banded together with the help of our little toe. We were as creative as we could get just to amuse ourselves while waiting for classes to start.

As the nation grew into the ’70s, new technology and electrical appliances were brought into our homes. Never mind if not every family could afford a television set at that time, it did not stop the community from enjoying football matches. We would congregate at a home where the TV set was available, and would sit on the floor to watch and cheer for our national team, very much akin to the scenario at nasi kandar stalls today. Oh yes, families who owned telephones at that time did not mind sharing with their neighbours too in times of need.

We didn’t have much those days but we were willing to share and work things out together. And it is this one trait that has brought much progress and wealth to the nation. Malaysia is our home, so let us not forget to continue to share this nation with one another and bring it towards the next level of nationhood. Selamat Hari Malaysia! – By Jenny Liew