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Were there any bad men last night?

I live in a gated community but no, it’s not one of those upscale neighbourhoods where houses cost close to or upwards of RM1 million. Mine is a regular housing area and the gated element is just simple metal bars that are manually controlled by guards whom every household in the neighbourhood pitched in to hire. The guard house is more of a guard post, with just a few chairs and a fan. Yes, one of those that you see everywhere in the Klang Valley these days. Whenever my Appa visits us, he would take a jibe at this...
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“Amoi, kenapa bising-bising?”

A sharp scream came from the direction of our kitchen, where Mummy had shooed me out of earlier as she was preparing to fry up some heh bi (dried shrimps) and Chinese chives pancakes for a late morning snack. As I reached the doorway, I saw her standing on a stool by our dining table, her face ashen. She shouted at me to stop, then pointed to what looked to me at first like a thick coil of rope on the floor by the cutlery cabinet. It was a snake – fat and brown with pale yellow markings. She...
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